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EBA - Employee Benefits Advocates, LLC

Advocates for business and human resources

Employee Benefit Advocates (EBA), LLC, was founded by Bob Churchwell in 2001. EBA is a premier provider of employee benefits consulting and management in the small to mid-sized business segments and to aspiring entrepreneurs. EBA understands that one size does not fit all and is committed to delivering the latest in employee benefits tailored to meet the individual needs of clients.

For more than two decades, EBA has been specializing in the design and delivery of cost-effective corporate employee benefits and innovative solutions to the small business segment. As your employee benefits partner and advocate, EBA strives to simplify the benefit administration process while providing quality and value through a complete line of superior, budget-friendly products and services.   EBA’s goal is to help businesses attract and retain talented and dedicated employees while complying to Federal and State Compliancy guidelines, thus, making your organization more successful.

Integrity, resourcefulness, and commitment to service are the cornerstones of EBA’s client relationship philosophy. We utilize this formula for cultivating proactive and long-term professional client relationships that establish trust in our ability to help your employees and their families better understand, appreciate, and navigate their employer-provided coverages. When EBA becomes your employee benefits partner and advocate, we are committed to serving you, your employees, and families in an ethical and professional manner.

Pension Benefits are critical in attracting & retaining
the talent you need.

We are ready to be your Empolyee Benefits Partner.

A Word From Our Founder

Bob is a retired a Senior NYLIC at New York Life with 25 years of experience in the personal and business marketplace.  In 1987, Bob established Benefits By Design (BBD) to address the changing needs for specialization in employee benefits as the insurance industry was facing changes specifically in the small group arena.  In 2001 BBD evolved into Employee Benefit Advocates (EBA), LLC and expanded its services to meet the ever-changing environment of employee benefits with human resources and federal and state compliancy guidelines.

Robert Churchwell Jr.

President / Consultant / EBA Founder

EBA specializes in the design and implementation of dynamic cost effective employee benefits programs for small and medium sized businesses.

Business hours:
Mon – Fri: 9AM – 7PM

Office: 703-570-1969
Mobile: 240-423-8682
Fax: 571-369-6433

EBA is a proud member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). Continuous educations keeps us up to date on health reform and employee benefits.

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