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Our Mission

EBA’s mission is simple, but important. We help our clients become more competitive as an employer and more profitable as a business or organization.

What you get with EBA

With Employee Benefit Advocates (EBA) as your Employee Benefits Broker and Consultant, you can expect the best of both worlds. An advocate who uses fact based strategic planning, insightful and actionable analytics, and leading edge technology solutions to deliver outstanding tailored employee benefits programs, Human Resources, and compliance assets. You also have a partner who works to protect profitability and adds value to our clients.

Transparency and Integrity

EBA is an independent Broker/Consultant Firm. Our offerings and recommendations are based on your needs and objectives.
Our focus is to provide you with options and solutions that are in the best interest of YOU, our client.

Commitment and Service

EBA is committed to providing you and your employees with the peace of mind of knowing you have an advocate you can trust. With EBA's Service Protocol we will provide professional support structured.

EBA specializes in the design and implementation of dynamic cost-effective employee benefits programs and HR support systems for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

Business hours:
Mon – Fri: 9AM – 7PM

EBA is a proud member of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

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