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About EBA

With Employee Benefit Advocated (EBA) as your Employee Benefits broker and consultant, you can expect the best of both worlds. An advocate who uses fact-based strategic planning, insightful and actionable analytics, and leading-edge technology solutions to deliver outstanding tailored employee benefit packages as well as a partner who protects profitability and adds values for our clients.



As an independent and unaffiliated Broker/Consultant, our decisions are based on your needs and what’s best available for your clients.


As your benefits partner and advocate you can trust us to implement the latest strategies and services based on your current needs and business objectives.


We are committed to providing you and your employee’s with the peace of mind of knowing you have a benefits advocate you can trust.

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Industry Experience

Over 40 years of experience on the cutting edge of change in health reform and employee benefits.

Brilliant Team

Your organization is privy to an exceptional team of benefit professionals when you partner with EBA.

Creative & Professional

Our professionals are passionate about health care; as a NAHU member, we often deliver solutions ahead of market trends.

Complex Solutions

The emergence of a multi-generational work force has caused providers to take a more holistic approach to the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

100% Compliance is Key

EBA is committed to helping help educate, bring awareness to, and ensure that your employees have a clear understanding of all that is offered to them.


At EBA, we distinguish ourselves in subtle ways, confirming that a caring business philosophy prevails over hard-sell tactics.
EBA serves you best in a collaborative environment. We work to craft the ideal strategy for your company’s benefits plan while becoming a trusted advisor within the circle of professionals that includes your attorney and accountant.
EBA takes pride in our thoroughness when educating clients’ employees about their health care and other benefits. Our on-site educational meetings are not cookie-cutter tasks, instead are held by industry professionals. We explain all selected benefits using clear, easy-to-understand language.
The professional relationships we cultivate extend beyond benefit payroll deductions, employee contributions, and medical co-pays. Our clients become our friends. And if by chance we are already friends, we hope to gain you as a client.
Another reason clients remain with us is our ability to simplify the benefits-administration process and eliminate layers of tedious paperwork. We accomplish this by creating an optional online shopping experience as part of your benefits plan.