Disability Benefit Solutions

What would happen if a sickness or an accident prevented you from working? Disability income insurance provides replacement income if you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury. Every day, people are required to face the unexpected, don’t get caught off guard. How long could you afford to live without a paycheck?

EBA is here to help. We blend the products and services that will work together to optimize your investment and achieve your organization’s employee benefits goals and objectives.


Individuals and Self-Employed

Individuals andSelf-Employed

Disability Income for Individuals and the Self-Employed provides a monthly benefit to help replace a portion of your income if you become disabled due to sickness or accident.


Small Businesses

Disability Income for Small Businesses

Including Medical and Legal Practices provides monthly benefits to replace a portion of the business owner’s income should he/she become disabled due to sickness or accident.